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Bugatti Chiron: Veyron replacement boasts 1479bhp and 261mph

Bugatti Chiron: Veyron replacement boasts 1479bhp and 261mph Classic and Performance Car

Bugatti has finally revealed images and startling specs for the Chiron hypercar, its long-awaited replacement for the Veyron.

The covers have officially been pulled off the Bugatti Chiron at the Geneva motor show, giving us our first proper view of the Veyron’s 261mph replacement. 
As it did with the original Veyron, the Chiron aims to thoroughly outgun the competition, with monstrous levels of power and torque. That means 1479bhp at 6750rpm as well as 1180lb ft of torque, which moves the game on considerably from the 1183bhp Veyron Super Sport.
Although hybrid power was rumoured, the Chiron sticks with the more conventional quad-turbo W16 engine. Although related to the power plant used in the Veyron, almost everything has been completely revised to reliably squeeze almost 1500bhp from the engine. Gains have been made with improved two-stage turbochargers and better charge cooling. 
The gearbox and drivetrain has also been significantly improved, with what Bugatti describes as ‘the largest, highest-performance clutch used on a passenger car’. 
Thanks to the Chiron’s carbon fibre monocoque structure, the Chiron boasts LMP1 levels of torsional rigidity. Specially-developed Michelin tyres, designed to cope with the huge speed potential are specified, and huge carbon ceramic brakes should do an adequate job of stopping the Chiron from high speeds.
Like its predecessor it isn’t the lightest, and despite the extensive use of carbon fibre, the Chiron tips the scales at 1995kg. Not that this has a particularly negative effect on performance. 62mph will be reached in less than 2.5secs, but perhaps most impressive is the 13.6sec sprint to 186mph.
And what about that top speed figure? Bugatti claims that the Chiron is currently limited for road use, but with a significant power advantage over the 267mph Veyron SuperSport, it could quite possibly be the first production car to hit 270mph under the right circumstances. 
To start with, Bugatti has confirmed than production will be limited to 500 units, with each one selling for a minimum of €2.4m,or around £1.9m. Bugatti is currently accepting orders for the Chiron from existing Bugatti owners, with a deposit of €200,000 required to secure an order. Bugatti claims that the first 150 cars are already sold. 
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