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BRM reaches £50,000 restoration target

BRM reaches £50,000 restoration target Classic and Performance Car

A 1950 BRM V16 1.5 litre Type 15 Grand Prix will be restored after reaching its funding target

An ex-Fangio BRM V16 Type 15 is set to breath life once again after a restoration scheme reached its £50,000 target.
The scheme, set-up by the Beaulieu Motor Museum, has seen fundraising activities from the motoring community help it achieve the £50,000 needed for the 1950s BRM to be fully restored.
The BRM, which was the first of five built, was famously driven by Reg Parnell and Juan Manuel Fangio. Skilled restoration is required in order to keep it in fully-functioning condition, including a rebuild of its supercharged 1.5-litre V16 engine.
The car was first acquired by Beaulieu in 1963, however only with recent investigation has it been confirmed that the car is indeed racing chassis number one.
Douglas Hill, Manager and Chief Engineer of the National Motor Museum, hailed the ‘amazing’ efforts of all involved thus far: 'Thanks to the amazing achievement of raising the funds for the work to commence on the rebuild of this iconic motor car, we have been able to send the car to the BRM specialist, Hall & Hall.
'On initial strip down of the engine we are very pleased with the good state we have found the major components to be in. We managed to identify a loose bearing carrier in the slave/output shaft. A significant amount of corrosion was discovered in the water system, but nothing serious.' 
Despite the ‘good state’, the museum has warned that further funding may be needed to complete the restoration at a later date, once the project is fully underway. 
'We hope to have the car running at the Goodwood Revival meeting in September. We will then look to see what funds remain to undertake work on the suspension and brakes.'
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