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BMW 326
59500 59500 GBP
  • BMW 326 Cabriolet

    £59,500 £59,500

    BMWs are one of the most desirable cars built in Germany in the 1930s, the most famous model being the 328 sports roadster though these have now become immensely valuable. However it is still possible to buy into this famous marque at affordable prices as this 326 (which is a close relative of the 327 and 328 models) admirably demonstrates. As you can see in the photographs this very stylish left hand drive convertible is in lovely restored condition inside and out with very good quality leather interior trim and carpets, excellent external paintwork and a newly covered hood. In addition it has had considerable sums of money spent on the mechanical components including a recent rebuild of its 1971 cc twin carburettor six cylinder engine and associated components. Most people are surprised by just how modern a 1930’s BMW can feel. The engine is very smooth and its four speed easy to use gearbox helps you to get the best out of its performance. It has very good handling and road holding due to its stiff box section chassis and its advanced suspension which uses torsion bars for the rear axle and has transverse leaf independent front wheel springing. BMW 328 prices have gone through t

    • Year: 1936
    For sale
    £59,500 £59,500
    Gavin McGuire
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