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  • BMW 3.0 CS Coupe 1974


    SOLD/VERKAUFT/VENDU/VERKOCHT BMW 3.0 CS coupe 1974, very good condition This BMW 3.0 CS was built in 1974. The BMW was designed bij the Italian masterdesigner ‘Michelotti’ and built by Karmann. This beautiful coupe was delivered in the original ‘Polaris’ paint and has original BMW rims. The very comfortable interior has beautiful blue upholstery with a lot of wooden and chrome parts. The car has the original 2986CC, 6 cyl, 200 HP engine. In combination with the automatic gearbox it’s a comfortable and sporty coupe to drive. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1974
    For sale
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  • 1972 BMW 3.0CS Coupe

    $58,500(£45,513) $58,500(£45,513)

    This BMW 3.0 CS was sold new on June 8, 1972 to Bernard Von Ammon of San Francisco, California, but the story goes back quite a bit further than that. Von Ammon had owned a 2000 CS that he had been very happy with, so in January 1971 he ordered a new 2800 CS through Weber Motors in San Leandro to his personal specifications. He was more than willing to wait the estimated three months for delivery, but was informed in May, five months later, that there had been a mix-up at the US distributor and that his car had in fact not been ordered at all. The owner of Weber Motors, after a trip to the BMW factory, assured Von Ammon that he had straightened the matter out and that he would instead be receiving a newer 3.0 CS with its more powerful 2,985cc 190hp engine, again to his specifications, in three more months. The months passed once more and there was still no BMW. Von Ammon spoke with someone from the importer, Hoffman Motors, but again nothing came of it. Dock strikes on both coasts of the US were not helping matters. Frustrated but determined, he contacted BMW directly. BMW replied expressing regret and that his car would be built and put on the first transport possible. He also received a letter from Hoffman assuring him that he would receive confirmation as soon as his car was on the way. More months went by and Von Ammon still received no such assurances. It took even more agitation from him to finally get the matter settled, and it wasn’t until eighteen months had passed since the original order – and after plenty of headaches – that he finally received his new E9, the example now offered here. The car is finished in its original color of Verona Red, code 024, with a black leather interior and is equipped with a sunroof, aftermarket CD player and desirable Alpina bits including suspension, steering wheel and shift knob. The leather in the front has been redone while the back seats remain original. The wood dash is mellowed and lovely. It is a straight, sound car that has neither received nor ever needed significant restoration. Given the ordeal he had to go through to receive the car, Von Ammon took special care of his 3.0 CS and it is fully documented from the communication among him, Hoffman, Weber and BMW to its maintenance history through to his passing in 1979. Its subsequent owners have taken similarly good care of it, and it has remained very pretty and solid. A lovely, honest and cared for car with a neat story behind it, this 3.0 CS is a great and usable example of a car that is rarely this well-documented or well-preserved.

    For sale
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