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  • MG Midget


    MG Frontline Midget 1968 We’ve all lusted after an MG Midget over the years. One of Britain’s great sports cars. Compact, yes. Good Looking, yes. Easy to maintain, Yes. 147BHP Yes! Sorry what was that 147BHP? Yes, this 1968 MG Midget was Frontline Developments demonstrator. Its fitted with a K Series 1.8 litre engine, uprated suspension, brakes, and has had a thorough sniff of serious performance enhancing attention. Finished in Traditional British Racing Green and fitted with Grey leather seats, this is one complete and utter head case of a Midget, but as it looks almost standard, makes the most ideal Q Car. This Car has a massive spec: 1.8 Rover K Series Engine 147BHP with Rolling Road Confirmation 260 Fast Road Cams Emerald ECU Aluminium Radiator 5 Speed Type 9 Gearbox Strengthened Chassis Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Front Uprated Anti Roll bar Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Rear Lowered Leaf Springs to Rear uprated to 340lb Anti Tramp Bars Rear Traction Control Links Polybushed all round Limited Slip Diff EN40 Nitrided Half Shafts Double Hub Bearing Kit Customer Made Aluminium Fuel Tank with Anti Slosh Baffles So what we’re talking here is one seriously sorted Midget. 0-60 is reputedly around 6.5 seconds, and it feels like it. But it feels so well sorted on the road. We like outrageous Midgets, but we’ve never EVER had anything like this. This car will be ideal for someone wanting an interesting track day car, or something for Sprints and Hillclimbs. Or better still just for blowing 911’s off on country roads. Nothing will stick with this Midget other than a well ridden motorbike travelling from A to B on country roads. Be in no doubt, Frontline make a seriously well sorted car, and this car is just that. It’s not possible to buy more fun anywhere right now wearing an MG badge for £13995. Go on, you know you want to!

    Last update: 12 Days Old
    • Year: 1968
    • Engine size: 1.8
    For sale
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  • MG RV8


    The MGR V8 was introduced in 1993, as with availability of the MGB Heritage Body shell, the resources were available to create a stunning MG Roadster. Production was limited to around 15 cars per week, and production finished in 1995 when a total of 1983 cars had been produced. 1500 of these stunning motor cars went to Japan, and a significant number have subsequently returned back to the UK, and this car is one of these. In fact this car is 143rd from the last one built. Finished in Woodcote Green with Ivory leather interior, this car is absolutely stunning. The car returned to the UK in 2007 after having covered 34598kms (21498 Miles) from new. Since its return to the UK the car has had 3 owners and has a very comprehensive history file and completed a further 20,000 bringing the total up to around 40,000 miles. It is also fitted with Spax Shock absorbers all round and also have the extremely desirable Optimax Chip fitted to improve the amazing driveability of the car. The paint works simply gleams, the leather is almost unmarked and the woodwork is absolutely gorgeous showing no crazing of the lacquer, like many of this model, and the alloy wheels are in remarkably good condition. If you’re looking for an MGR V8, you won’t want to miss out on this one. It is an absolutely stunning car and at £18995 could be considered something of a bargain, and wouldn ‘t it look great on your drive!

    Last update: 16 Days Old
    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 40000 mi
    • Engine size: 3.9
    For sale
  • Mercedes-Benz 500sl


    The Mercedes Benz SL’s have always had desirability about them the that few other motor cars have had. The Pagoda SL’s are for some now almost unreachable due to price , but in turn the high prices of that model has increased desirability of the 107 Models, such as the one we offer for sale here. This car is a 1986 500Sl, the later version of this model with galvanised panels etc. Some say the Late model 500SL is the Holy Grail of 107 SL’s, the most desirable, so if you are seeking one of these delightful cars this one might be just the thing for you. Finished in Diamond Blue Metallic with the traditional Blue MB Tex/Check Cloth interior comes complete with Hardtop and recent Soft Tops. Its fitted with the original 15 Hole 15” Alloy wheels, and is in truly delightful condition. Recent work done includes a Full Service, 4 New Goodyear Tyres (Spare was new in any Case) New Rear Brake discs and pads, New Front Shock Absorbers, New Steering Damper, And numerous other Items. Since this work was carried out, the car has covered around 1000 miles, and is showing just 101,000 miles now. The car drives superbly and if you’re looking for a 500SL you wont be disappointed with this one at only £17995. Go on, Treat Yourself, you can’t treat anyone better!

    Last update: 25 Days Old
    • Year: 1986
    • Mileage: 101000 mi
    • Engine size: 5
    For sale
  • MG Midget


    What can I say about MG Midgets. Great fun, easy to own, lots of fun, the list is endless. But here we have something a bit different. In fact this MG Midget, is not only special, but completely and utterly outrageous. The car was re-built with a new Heritage shell some time ago, and from the history file it looks like ait was restored from around 2002 to 2007. It was rebuilt in a stripped out form for racing and Hillclimbing. It’s fitted with uprated suspension and braking systems, but more importantly its fitted with a 1275cc Stage Two Engine. This engines comes complete with +40 Pistons Fast Road High Lift Cam Ported Head Oversized Valves. This Midget isn’t only stunning to look at, it’s an absolute blast to drive. I think it’s the quickest Midget we’ve ever had for sale. Are you looking for an MG Midget? Are you looking for something just a little bit different? Look no further this absolutely stunning car could be sat on your drive today for only £9995.

    Last update: 25 Days Old
    • Year: 1967
    • Engine size: 1.3
    For sale
  • Jaguar Mk2


    1963 Jaguar Mk2 2.4 Manual The Mk2 Jaguar, famed in the 1960s as both Getaway Cars by the criminals of the day, and used by the Police as chase car, the Mk2 “Jag” is a motoring Icon of that era. Some were good some weren’t and film and TV buffs from the early 70’s will remember many of them turning white and being launched off the edge of a cliff in cops and robbers capers. This car however has lead a far more sheltered and cherished life. Finished in the original Opalescent Dark green with Suede Green leather interior, its truly a car that been cherished. The interior is nicely patinated, the chrome, though not perfect is really nice original, and its also fitted with the extremely rare aluminium wheel trims that were such a period look at the time. The woodwork in the car is in stunning condition. Also Over the years it’s been rebuilt both bodily and mechanically with a history file going back to 1982. Its currently showing just over 100,000 miles, and we believe that could be genuine according to the history. It’s a car that’s in truly delightful condition and drives superbly. The cars was off the road from 2004 to 2008 and since it went back on the road then, its done around 3000 miles only, so you could say its only just been run in. If you are seeking a Mark 2 Jaguar, this is a car you really need to see and at only £17995 could be seen as something of a bargain. Wouldn’t it look superb in your drive!

    Last update: 2 Months Old
    • Year: 1963
    • Engine size: 2.4
    For sale
  • Triumph TR3A


    The Triumph TR3a was produced from 1957 until 1962. It’s a typically British 2 seater sports car from the late 1950s and early 60’s They were great fun to drive, and being fitted with a 95BHP engine, motored along very well in the day. The car we offer for sale here was first registered in 1960. Finished in British Racing Green with a Grey leather interior. The car is in beautiful condition, and does drive particularly well. But then it wold, because this is no standard TR3a. The history file with the car dates back to 1991 when a full rebuild by one of the top vehicle restorers of the time, with bills at the time for a full body and engine rebuild costing around £11000 which was a huge sum of money back then. But the history of the car doesn’t stop then. There has been a constant history of maintenance and improvement done to the car, work done included: Engine 1991cc. Fast Road Cam Roller Rocker Gear Oil Cooler Alloy Large Capacity Sump Alloy Radiator Kenlow Fan Slotted Front Discs Alloy Rear Brake Drums Rack & Pinion Steering Revington TR Wiring Loom Uprated Overdrive Unit Uprated Front & Rear Springs Spax Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers Front Anti Roll Bar Aeroquip Brake Hoses High Torque Starter Motor Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust To say a car has been maintained regardless of cost would epitomise this car. The bills invoice and receipts in the file total around £40000. So its been cared for like a Cherished Treasure, but she’s also been used. Events such as the Three Castles, Prix des Alpes to name but two have seen this fabulous TR take part, and the car achieved success on more than one occasion. If you fancy trying your hand at Classic Rallying then this car would be absolutely ideal coming already fitted with Twin Fuel system, Twin electrics, the Terratrip and, well just so much more. At £29995 this car cold be considered something of a bargain when you consider how much it would cost to buy a TR3a, and then bring it up not only to this level of Spec, but also the absolutely outstanding condition this car is in today.

    Last update: 29 Days Old
    • Year: 1960
    • Engine size: 2
    For sale
  • Mercedes-Benz 280SL


    Mercedes Benz SL280 Automatic A Mercedes SL is never a car to lose its style and status. They are a car that can be used as a daily driver or one that can be used for high days and holidays. They care practical and usable. And more importantly they are a joy to drive. This car finished in bright silver has a grey leather interior. It’s got the electric roof, and of course the metal hardtop for winter use. Electric seats, New alloy wheels, Radio CD Stereo. And all the fittings you could ever wish for. Its currently showing 100,000 miles with a comprehensive service history and is driving absolutely superbly. The paintwork gleams, and it just looks simply superb. In the classic car world, these 129 SL’s are at their best ever in times of value for money. Can you get anything better value for money at only £6995.

    Last update: About 1 Month Old
    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 100000 mi
    • Engine size: 2.8
    For sale