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Bentley apprentices to restore T1

Bentley apprentices to restore T1 Classic and Performance Car

Bentley investing in future talent, training apprentices in the art craftsmanship by restoring a classic T1

In an era where apprenticeships are few and far between, Bentley is bucking the trend. 
Britain’s luxury marque is incorporating renovation skills into its current apprenticeship. Trainees will concentrate on renovating the 1965 Bentley T-series, the car which featured the first monocoque chassis seen in a Bentley. 
This training starts more than half a century after the Bentley T-Series’ initial assembly, and cars will be restored to the original factory specification. 
The new apprentices will complete and assemble the trim section and restore the car’s body, paint and engine, putting into practice the modern skills they will gain during their apprenticeship while becoming familiar with traditional techniques. Post completion, the classic car will join Bentley’s celebrated heritage fleet where it will attend car events across the world. 
Marlies Rogait, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Human Resources, said: ‘Bentley’s apprenticeship scheme offers a solid foundation to enable our trainees to learn and grow. Working on one of the most iconic Bentleys from our illustrious past is a truly unique experience, and one which will enhance their skills and knowledge and help them become experts in their chosen field.’

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The Bentley T-Series was assembled between the years of 1965 and 1970, during which just 1004 were produced. With a maximum speed of 115mph and capable of achieving 0-62mph in 10.9 seconds, it contained an early version of the 6¾-litre V8 engine – still found in Bentley’s present day flagship; the Mulsanne.
Bentley Master Trainer, Colin Jackson, who is leading the project, sai: ‘This is something everyone involved in can feel very proud of. Having the opportunity to bring back to life such an iconic Bentley doesn’t happen very often.  The challenge of restoring this car means that our apprentices will develop the traditional skills that Bentley is so famous for, and sets them up for their careers building Bentleys of the future.’

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