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Bentley 4.5-Litre (1927-31) cars for sale

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Bentley 4.5-Litre (1927-31)
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  • Bentley 4.5-Litre (1927-31)


    This amazing Bentley started life in 1928 as a 4.5 litre Saloon built on the later 4.5 Litre "Heavy Crank" chassis as per the original 50 "Blowers" it was later disassembled in 1961, the engine fitted into the 4.5 litre prototype chassis when it was rebuilt, and the rest of the parts later rebuilt into this magnificent vehicle you see here. The car was restored by the master of Bentley's Mr Stanley Mann and the missing engine was replaced by a new Neil Davies 5.3 Litre Blower engine giving "Enough" power (actually quite enough to pull your house down) The body was made as an exact copy of the prototype 4.5 litre Blower and is a really excellent example in both quality and detail. If you want a real Bentley, and want the most powerful and most fantastic driving Bentley on the road today then you don't need to look much further than this. Registered PN1562 and with Chassis number TX 3227 you will find it's complete history detailed in the 'Hay' Bentley Bible so you can see for yourself the provenance of this fantastic car. Don't be put off by stories of WO Bentley's being hard to manage and hard to start, these are little puppies (Well big St Bernard puppies) and are probably some of the most easy managed and reliable pre-war cars in existence. Come and see for yourself. Any visit is welcomed Price and more photos on request. http://www.historic-competitionservices.eu/nl/1928-bentley-blower

    • Year: 1928
    • Engine size: 5.3
    For sale
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