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Bentley 3-Litre
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  • 1925 Bentley 3 Litre Tourer by Gurney Nutting


    Chassis 930 Engine 914 If there is one car that embodies the spirit of British motoring achievement from the ‘Roaring Twenties’ then it is the 3 Litre Bentley. Establishing its reputation at the arduous Le Mans 24 hour endurance race, it has become a motoring icon and recognised the world over. A good 3 litre is a great all-rounder and will serve faithfully as Tourer, Sportscar, Racing car, Rally car and will also always draw a crowd in your local pub car park. This car is chassis 390, and it’s a delightful Standard Tourer from 1925. Not only does it still have its original engine but also its original coachwork, although this is hardly surprising given its balanced good looks and superb build quality. The 3-Litre Bentley was first unveiled at the Olympia Motor Exhibition in 1919 to great acclaim. An early road test by Autocar magazine declared it a car “which combines docility in traffic with exceptional speed potentiality on the open road.” The four cylinder ‘fixed head’ engine incorporated an overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and a bore stroke of 80 x 149mm. Twin magnetos provided reliable ignition and the gearbox was a four-speed unit with right hand change. Output wa

    • Year: 1925
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