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Mk1 Mini bodyshells offered by British Motor Heritage

Mk1 Mini bodyshells offered by British Motor Heritage Classic and Performance Car

British Motor Heritage can now offer a brand new bodyshell for the previously unavailable 1959-1976 Mk1 Mini.

After being unveiled at the NEC Classic Motor Show at the end of last year, British Motor Heritage has announced that the first production run of full replacement Mk1 Mini bodyshells will commence in April. 
Due to rising values of early Minis, as well as continued popularity in historic motorsport, the demand for Mk1 body shells has increased significantly. With a price of £9950 including VAT, it’s still a huge financial investment – but for accident damaged or rust-ridden cars it could prove to be the easiest option for restoration. 
Up to this point, BMH has only been able to offer replacement shells for later post-1976 models, but these differ in several key areas. The Mk1 shell is actually significantly different to the later models, including the ‘A’ panel and hinge reinforcements, cant rails, floors, sills, front and rear parcel shelves to name just a few areas. Perhaps more noticeable are the smaller door apertures, with different step profiles. The doors also come with sliding windows and external door hinges.  
BMH says that it has refined the overall fit and finish of the shells since the first prototype body was displayed at the NEC. While it’s true to the original shell in most areas, the later front bulkhead crossmember assembly has been used due to cost reasons, while the rotodip hole in the rear seat squab has not been formed. BMH also credits M-Machine for the use of its Mk1 floors and sills – something that has made the project viable.
BMH is taking orders now, with a 25 per cent deposit required. First deliveries are expected to start in May. Visit www.bmh-ltd.com for more details.

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