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Austin 20 Hp Long
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    This is a rare opportunity to aquire the 1917 Austin 20 EXP1 prototype. This was the pre-production model which was used for the press and carries a lot of history with it. Edgar Wren, Austin's test driver, took this very car on a nation-wide trip drumming up sales while another sales organiser, using just photographs of the car along with its specifications went off to take orders. This worked out so successful that by July 1919 6 million pounds worth of orders had been taken, so much so that they had to stop taking orders of cars to be produced for 1920. These cars were know for being very reliable and continuing to work long past when other cars of its time had reached the end of their life. It was the first car Austin released after the war and before the majority of other manufactures had recovered. OB6912 was designated P1 for 'post war' and this can be seen on the plate on the cars dashboard. It was a very impressive car when it was released and still is to this day. With good top speed in excess of 60mph, smooth running and easy gear changes it was a very luxurious car, comparable to a Bentley of its era. The black leather interior is in beautiful condition and everything works as it should. This has been loving restored to a very high standard and looks superb. Over the last 100 years this car has featured in various magazines, including 'The Autocar' (November 1918) and 'The Advocate' (July 1919) which I have Photocopies of. I also have an original issue of 'The Automobile' from August 2009 where the car has a 4 page article written about it. When 'The Autocar' wrote its article about the car in 1918 they declared that "the car is distinctly smart in appearance" and spoke highly of the car. The hand controls on the steering wheel include air, throttle and magneto and the clutch, brake and throttle pedal are just as they'd be in a modern car. This car is a true piece of British motoring History Price on application and part exchange considered

    • Year: 1917
    For sale
    Luke Gerrard Halstead
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