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Austin 1800
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  • 1969 Austin 1800 Utility


    Australia, the sixth largest country in the world, is celebrated for its diverse culture, landmark buildings, ancient geology and flora and fauna. It's also the birthplace of the 'Ute', a brawny automotive sub-species, first spawned in the 1930s, combining comfortable passenger accommodation with a large, separate, rear cargo space, making it the perfect 'church on Sunday, market on Monday' vehicle. The concept proved hugely popular and quickly became ingrained into Australia's motoring psyche. Most Utes were, and still are, manufactured by Holden and Ford, but, others have since cashed in on this carry-all market. In 1968, BMC Australia, having had success with Utility versions of its Austin A50 and A55 models, introduced the Austin 1800 Utility. In production until 1971, some 2,331 (Mk. I & Mk. II) were produced. Understandably, the survival rate is poor. Just 90 are still registered in Australia with another five in the UK. Sourced from Melbourne, Australia by an intrepid owner who sought the help of the Australian Landcrab Club to find such an unmolested example, this Austin 1800 was imported into the UK in 2009. After the arrival of his beloved Ute, having used her for approxi

    • Year: 2016
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