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Audi Quiz: Can you name these classic Audis?

Audi Quiz: Can you name these classic Audis? Classic and Performance Car

Audi has a history of making some great cars. Can you identify these ten? 

The motoring world has a lot to thank Audi for. Here’s a company that pioneered the use of four-wheel drive in motorsport, which in turn brought with it the rapid uptake of similar systems in ordinary road cars – offering hugely increased all weather capability. 
But Audi is more than just Quattro. The company has always taken the use of weight-saving materials seriously, with plenty of models like the A2 and A8 making extensive use of aluminium construction. 
Audi can trace its roots back to the early 1900s, through the formation of Auto Union (Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer – symbolised by the four rings) but it became the company we know today when Auto Union was merged with NSU in 1969.

For years Audi persevered with its in-line five-cylinder engine layout, which it said offered ‘the smoothness of a six with the economy of a four’. It also features one of the most distinctive engine notes of all time.
Here we have collected some of the most innovative, interesting and even exciting cars to wear the Audi logo in recent years.
Can you match up the picture to the correct name? Don’t forget to up your scores in the comments, and share via Facebook or Twitter to see how your friends compare! 

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