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Aston Martin Vulcan: road-legal conversion kit offered by RML

Aston Martin Vulcan: road-legal conversion kit offered by RML Classic and Performance Car

Northamptonshire-based motorsport specialists RML will offer owners of the 24 Aston Martin Vulcans a road-legal conversion kit.

Ray Mallock Limited, the engineering firm behind creating the GT-R-powered Nissan Juke R, has announced that it plans to offer Aston Martin Vulcan owners the opportunity to convert their car to road-legal spec.

As the Vulcan was developed by Aston Martin as a track only vehicle, this will be a lengthy and potentially expensive exercise - although considering the £1.8m asking price for a Vulcan, price is unlikely to be a problem for owners. This exercise has in fact been undertaken due to demand from several customers to drive their Vulcans on the road as well as track.

The conversion from track to road spec will be undertaken at the company's HQ in Wellingborough, and should take around three to four months to complete. There are many aspects to making something like this road legal, with the Vulcan to be registered under the Individual Vehicle Approval system, which allows low volume or home-built kit cars to be registered for road use without the need to be fully homologated.

RML will not be the only company to offer this kind of service. After McLaren announced a similar track-only P1 GTR, independent specialist Lanzante announced a similar service to allow the track-only car to be legalised for road use.

Michael Mallock, RML Key Accounts Director said: 'This is a tremendously exciting project, and one that is perfectly suited to RML’s world-leading expertise in managing one-off and ultra low-volume engineering projects. The Aston Martin Vulcan is an incredible machine conceived to perform brilliantly on track. Converting it for road use yet preserving its extreme character and blistering performance is just the kind of challenge we relish, and one we’re extremely proud of rising to. The results are sure to be one of the most extraordinary road cars of all-time.'

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