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Cheapest way to 200mph: Top ten

Cheapest way to 200mph: Top ten Classic and Performance Car

We take a look at the discount entrants to the 200mph club.

The 200mph is a fabled one in motoring. To reach it was a pipe-dream of many, a frustration for others, and a milestone for the best. The Ferrari F40 was the first to join the 200mph club as a lone member in 1987, and since then others have joined it. Some are much cheaper than others…
Shelby Mustang GT500 (2013)
Not one to stereotype, but how can we not start with a Mustang- the emblem born to go quickly in a straight line. In fitting tribute to Carol Shelby himself, the GT500 became the first Mustang in history to break 200mph, when in 2012 it achieved 202mph at the 7.8-mile Nardo Ring in southern Italy. Even more impressive was its price, just $55,000 from new, meaning that the slightly-well-off-but-not-loaded working classes could in theory break the magical barrier of 200mph.
Aston Martin Vanquish S
The father of all that Aston Martin is today, the Vanquish waltzed on to the market in 2001, and became a true star following its starring role in 2002 James Bond film, Die Another Day. An updated version, the Vanquish S, came along in 2004, and took the car to 200+ mph. It remained the marque’s fastest car for over a decade, before the Vantage V12 S top trumped it in 2013. That said, the Vanquish is a much cheaper option today, with the standard car going for as little as £60,000, and the S a snippet at sub-£100,000.
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The M5 was a conundrum. On one hand, it was an eyesore, yet on the other hand it was jaw-droppingly quick for the hefty German saloon car it was. Armed with a 5.0 litre V10 engine capable of revving to over 8000 rpm, and delimited, the car is capable of over 200mph, which for a car of its shape and size, is incredible still today. Look hard enough and you’ll soon find that for as little as £15,000, 200mph is possible, and in plush comfort too.
Toyota Supra
The Mk2 Toyota Supra was a huge leap forward over the models that had gone before it, and with the limiter disengaged, an even bigger leap. Power comes from a 3-litre straight-six armed with two turbos, helping the car pump out 326bhp and 325lb ft. With the aid of tuning the Supra would easily surpass 200mph, and in today money, for as little as £6000 for one in good nick.
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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
With names like ‘Charger’ and ‘Hellcat’ adorning the boot-lid, its hardly going to be a Toyota Prius. What you might not expect is for the five-door saloon-bodied Charger to reach 204mph, as is certified by the US National Hot Rod Association. Power comes in the form of a 707 bhp 6.2-litre V8 that delivers no less than 650 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot, especially for a car that costs only $64,990. Complete with modern touches, the Charger Hellcat is every bit the badass road-ripping car it’s 1960’s dad is.
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Ferrari 550
Maybe, just maybe if you find a two-mile arrow-straight downhill road with the wind behind you, you can do 200mph in a Ferrari 550. Its official top speed is a frustrating 199mph, which in layman’s terms is still bloody quick.  Quick yes, but expensive no- a good 550 can be found for £60,000 today, which is quite frankly a bargain for a Ferrari complete with that magical formula: front-engined, V12, RWD.
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2010 Corvette ZR1
The ZR1 was the car got people taking Corvette’s seriously, especially in the bends. On the straights however was where its real part-piece lay, with the speedometer able to read 205mph flat-out, which made Chevrolet’s typical quarter-mile obsessive customer very happy indeed. Said customer wasn’t set back an arm and a leg either, with the car going on sale at $106,880. Nowadays the car can be found for as little as $65,000, which isn’t bad for a modern day all-out supercar.
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2008 Dodge Viper SRT10
In 2008 Dodge released the Phase II SRT-10. The car was capable of 202mph straight out the blocks, to make it the first of the Viper-variety to break the 200mph barrier. Power came from the bowels of a snarling 8.4-litre V10 capable of pumping out 600bhp, and tamed via a six-speed manual gearbox. Today the American icon can be found for as little as $60,000 in good condition, and almost half the price of its European competitors, most of which wont be able to live with it at full chat.
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2016 Cadillac CTS–V
Much like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, the new-for-2016 Cadillac CTS-V should not exceed 200mph. But, it does.  50 years ago the idea of a plush, relaxed Caddy topping the fabled speed would have seemed ludicrous, but the new CTS-V with its Corvette ZO6-derived 6.2-litre supercharged V8 shuns such traditions. Instead it pumps out 650bhp and will munch most cars in 12 seconds flat over a quarter mile lights-to-lights drag race.  All this is possible for a price tag of just $85,000, which includes all the cushy comforts typical of the Cadillac of old.
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2016 Audi R8
On the back of its first supercar, Audi will return in 2016 with its second generation R8. Wider, shorter, lower and faster, the new R8 will send the four rings past 200mph for the first time in the marque’s production car history, ultimately reaching 205mph in V10+ guise. One of the cars biggest travesties is the loss of the excellent gated manual transmission feature on the Mk1, with a DL800 seven-speed dual-clutch automatic sitting in its place. That said, UK prices for the standard model stand at £119,500 for the 'base' V10 and £137,500 for the 602bhp V10 Plus, both of which will top 200mph.
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Words: Joe Diamond

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