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Aston Martin V8: Buying guide and review (1972-1989)

Aston Martin V8: Buying guide and review (1972-1989) Classic and Performance Car
Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8
The early 1970s weren’t the best of times for Aston Martin. The David Brown era had ended when Sir David sold up in 1972, and new owners Company Holdings were, by their own admission, ‘not car people’. As if to confirm their lack of empathy, when the DBS V8 was relaunched under the new regime, it was to be known simply as the Aston Martin V8, the ‘DB’ part having been dropped ‘for marketing reasons’. Doh.
To be fair, boss William Willson and his team kept the factory open at a time when political and economic forces were conspiring against makers of expensive high-performance motor cars. But at the end of 1974 they were finally forced to throw in the towel, the company went into receivership and the factory closed. 
There was a real risk it wouldn’t reopen.
It took a consortium, led by American Peter Sprague, to rescue Aston Martin in 1975 and revive the marque’s fortunes, though production woudn’t restart until early 1976, and then only in tiny numbers. 
It’s fair to say the quality of these mid-70s Astons was, how to put this, patchy. When Motor tried an AM V8, its testers reported that the bolts retaining the 
final drive unit became detached, the transistorised ignition amplifier failed, 
as did the air-conditioning thermostat, swarf was found in a carburettor, and the clutch required attention. 
And yet the road testers raved about it! Because, despite everything, the AM V8 was the fastest, most accomplished high-performance luxury GT of its day – and 
in its various guises would remain in production for a remarkable two decades. 
As DBS V8 morphed into AM V8, the decision to ditch the tricky-to-service Bosch fuel injection for a quartet of twin-choke Weber carburettors certainly didn’t harm the performance: in fact Motor’s 0-60mph time of 5.7sec for a carb-fed AM V8 was almost half a second quicker than they’d achieved with the injected car, thanks to the new model’s keener initial pick-up and torquier delivery. Even if top speed was 5mph down at 155mph, it was still one of the world’s quickest GT cars.  
The Webers, they concluded, gave a ‘worthwhile improvement in low-speed running and tractability. When combined with the Aston’s very high cornering powers, this makes the V8 one of the most satisfying road cars we have driven for some time.’
Which one to buy?
The DBS V8 with its four headlights and Bosch injection ran from 1969 until it was replaced by the AM V8 with its two headlights and plainer grille in April 1972. There was a run of 288 fuel-injected AM V8s while engine stocks were used up (chassis numbers 501-789), but from July 1973 all had Weber carbs, these cars distinguished by a much bigger air-scoop on the bonnet. 
Just to muddy the waters, in 1972 Company Developments also introduced an ‘entry level’ version of the new Aston with the old 4-litre in-line six-cylinder engine. Ignoring decades of Aston tradition, they called this lower-powered model, which had wire wheels in place of the V8’s alloys, the ‘Vantage’. Doh.
But back to the V8s, and in 1978 came the ‘Oscar India’ (aviation code for OI or October Introduction) model: still carb-fed, so retaining the big bonnet-scoop, but with a host of detail improvements, subtle body changes including a neat, integrated tail-spoiler and, inside, a more sumptuous feel with lashings of glossy wood veneer on the dash and door cappings. 
The final version ran from 1985-1989 and featured Weber-Marelli electronic fuel injection, these ‘EFi’s distinguished visually by their BBS wheels and virtually flat bonnets.
There were, of course, souped-up Vantage and rag-top Volante variations on the basic recipe, but the values of those have long since escaped into the stratosphere, so it’s the regular V8 coupé (or ‘saloon’ in Aston parlance) that we’re focusing on here.
Performance and specs
Engine V8, 5340cc 
Power c310bhp @ 5500rpm 
Torque c320lb ft @ 4000rpm 
Transmission Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, LSD
0-60mph 5.7sec 
Top speed 155mph 
Fuel consumption 11.4mpg
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2611mm
Length 4648mm
Width 1829mm
Height 1328mm
Weight 1875kg
Common problems
• According to Nigel Woodward, manager of Heritage Operations at Works, it doesn’t matter which variant you’re looking at – DBS V8, early AM V8, post-1978 ‘Oscar India’, or the final run of Weber-Marelli injected cars – they’re all fundamentally the same underneath, which means that the biggest concern is corrosion.

• All the V8s had the same conventional steel box-section chassis with a steel superstructure clad in alloy panels. All of it was made and assembled by hand at Newport Pagnell, but while the skills of the craftsmen were never in doubt, rust prevention measures were very much of the time (i.e. fairly perfunctory by modern standards).

• Corrosion of the sills is the biggest single issue with V8s, and as with any Aston that’s not a small job to put right properly. Basically it involves cutting off the front and rear wing bottoms to gain access to the structure of the car, removing the sills, repairing the floors and making up new sill sections and putting them back in. And then of course you’ve got to fill, prepare and paint both sides of the car. It’s a major undertaking by anybody’s standards.

• In terms of build quality, there’s not much to choose between any of them, so newer is not necessarily better.

• Mechanically, they’re generally sound, but bear in mind that they can be up to 40 years old now. 

• The engine, aside from the switch from fuel injection to carburettors and then back to fuel injection, was essentially unchanged from the first DBS V8 to the final EFi. 

• It’s a wet-liner engine, and relies on O-ring seals at the bottom of the liners to seal them to the block. If the block becomes corroded, you end up with coolant and oil trying to mix together. There are telltale weep-holes at the base of each cylinder on the outside of the block, and if you get a telltale weep of oil or coolant it’s a sign that something’s amiss.

• The Bosch fuel injection system can be set up to work perfectly well. The main problem today is getting some of the components. Same with the electronic fuel injection; the electronic modules are no longer available, though they can be repaired, depending on what’s wrong with them. If you had a car that needed two new ECUs you’d be a little bit stuck. Overall, though, it’s a robust engine.

• And that goes for the drivetrain, too. The gearboxes were the same through all the generations, and both the ZF five-speed manual and three-speed TorqueFlite auto were already well-proven units and have proved generally issue-free. 

• The auto arguably suits the character of the V8 better, but it’s purely a matter of personal taste. Neither type of transmission commands a particular premium over the other. If you go for a manual, do make sure you have an exended test drive in traffic – the clutch is formidably heavy.

• The V8’s substantial kerbweight means suspension bushes wear quickly if the car is driven even moderately quickly – particularly those on the lower rear arms of the front wishbones where braking loads are transferred to the chassis. 

• The bushes can be upgraded to later items from the supercharged V8s, a modification that also makes the car more stable under braking.

• The brakes are generally considered marginal for fast road driving, and bigger discs with four-piston calipers are a worthwhile upgrade. 

• Some cars have also been fitted with Harvey Bailey handling kits. 
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• amoc.org
• astonmartins.com
• astonmartinworks.com
Summary and prices
Today, compared with the DB4, 5 and 6, the V8 still looks good value. But its stock is rising fast. Aston Martin Works recently sold an admittedly pristine DBS V8 for £175,000, and while the four-headlight car seems to attract a premium, the AM V8 isn’t too far behind, with the very best now commanding £150,000. It is, however, still possible to pick up a perfectly presentable and eminently useable example for £100,000-125,000. The key is finding a car that’s fundamentally sound and that won’t require major work.

Words: Peter Tomalin // Images: Matthew Howell
Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8 Aston Martin V8
Last updated: 25th May 2016
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  • Aston Martin V8 EFI


    Engine Size 5.3l Mileage 80,000 miles Previous Owners 8 Bodystyle Coupe Seats 4 Transmission Automatic Exterior Colour Warwick Blue Interior Trim Magnolia An exceptional example of the ultimate series, Aston Martin V8 Coupe. Built between 1986 and 1989, the Series 5 V8s were equipped with electronic sequential fuel injection, in preference to carburettors, delivering a smoother and more fuel efficient power package rated at 310bhp. Production ceased and after just 59 coupes had been built and the new 1990 Virage model was introduced. This car, one of the 59 produced is now ready to be enjoyed on any tour or event. Supplied new in 1988 via Aston Martin Sales in Knightsbridge, this superb late model V8 EFI, is accompanied with comprehensive history file which includes factory build records, the original warranty card, MOT certificates and handbook and servicing records with Aston Martin and recognised specialists. Available for viewing at our West London showrooms now, the car is supplied freshly serviced with a 12 month warranty and MOT.

    • Year: 2014
    • Mileage: 80000 mi
    For sale
    Nicholas Mee
    020 8741 8822 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Aston Martin V8 EFI


    Engine Size 5.3l Mileage 53,000 miles Previous Owners 5 Bodystyle Coupe Seats 4 Transmission Automatic Exterior Colour Warwick Blue Interior Trim Beige piped Blue A fantastic example of the last of the line, Series 5, fuel injection Aston Martin V8. Previously sold by Nicholas Mee & Company in 2006 and supplied with an excellent maintenance and history file. Vehicle currently undergoing final sales preparation and will be available for viewing in December. Full details and photographs coming soon. Please contact a member of our sales team for further information.

    • Year: 2014
    • Mileage: 53000 mi
    For sale
  • 175 - 1976 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible By Mulliner Park Ward


    The origins of the Corniche came from the continuation of the 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow coupé and 1967 drophead, constructed by the famed coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward in London. The car was named after the stunning roads along the Côte d'Azur in France and was an elegant two door car available with either a coupé or convertible body. By 1982, the coupé had ceased production but convertibles continued to be built until 1996. The first Rolls-Royce to wear the Corniche name was a 1939 prototype based on the Bentley Mk. V, although this was never produced due to the onset of World War II. The car used the standard Rolls-Royce V8 engine as fitted to the Silver Shadow and had an aluminium-silicon alloy block and aluminium cylinder heads with cast iron wet cylinder liners. The fuel system was in the form of twin SU carburettors which were later replaced with Bosch fuel injection from 1980 onwards. This delightful Corniche Convertible by Mulliner Park Ward is presented in Ivory with a brown hood and matching chestnut leather interior. The current and fourth owner purchased this vehicle from the deceased estate of a good friend who had owned and cherished the vehicle for some 13 yea

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • 227 - 1979 Jaguar XJS-S Convertible by Banham


    That Jaguar's XJS has become a 'bona fide' classic is beyond doubt. Launched in 1975, its twenty one year production life was a testimony to the excellence of its basic design. Its excellent ride and handling balance was justly praised by the contemporary motoring press. The car was re-engineered in 1991 with the rear side windows enlarged and a new four litre engine. The rear section benefitted from the new 'facelift' rear lights with the front as before, a series 1½ if you will. Banham Conversions (Banmoco) was a maker of kit cars from the late 1970s until 2004. The company was founded by Paul Banham who started off building convertible conversions on commission. He made convertible versions of the Ferrari 400, Aston Martin DBS and V8, and the Rolls-Royce Corniche. By the 1980s, he was marketing a kit to rebody the Jaguar XJS. He also offered convertible conversions for the XJS and Jaguar XJ6. The company was eventually sold in 2004 to Rally Sport Replicas Ltd. who sought to create new chassis for the designs but they ceased trading in mid-2005. This extremely rare Paul Banham XJS-S, 3.6 litre automatic convertible has photographic build history from the original owner who commis

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • 113 - 1976 Triumph Stag


    Launched in 1970, the Triumph Stag was a luxury grand tourer. Envisioned as a luxury sports car, it was designed to compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz SL class models. All Stags were four-seater convertible coupés but, for structural rigidity and to meet new American rollover standards at the time, the Stag required a B-pillar 'roll bar' hoop connected to the windscreen frame by a T-bar. A removable hardtop was a popular factory option for the early Triumph Stags and was later supplied as standard equipment. A new 2.5 litre, V8, designed and developed by Triumph's Harry Webster, was later enlarged to 2997cc. Most Stags were fitted with a Borg Warner automatic gearbox although manual gearboxes with overdrive are available. Electric windows, power steering and power-assisted brakes were fitted as standard. Originally registered on 18 th August 1976, this Triumph Stag presents in excellent order having benefitted from significant investment over the years. The bodywork has been taken care of with new front wings fitted and the usual weak points either repaired or replaced. The red paintwork is finished to a very good standard, as is the black interior. Mechanically OYF 654R is ex

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • 127 - 1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit


    Before David Plastow left his senior position at Rolls-Royce following the take-over of Vickers plc, he had been responsible for a series of models, amongst which was the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and was unveiled in October 1980 as a replacement for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. The coachwork of the Silver Spirit had been designed at the in house styling centre by Fritz Feller and gave the impression of being stretched in comparison with the bodies of the previous generation. Direct comparison, however, showed only small differences. The new models had slightly grown in length and width; height had been cut a little, although the styling was more modern than that of its predecessor. The interior was dominated by the expected combination of fine wood and sumptuous leather. This truly period example has been the sole preserve of one owner since its build date some 36 years ago. Finished in claret with beige hide with a factory black vinyl roof, it has very recently benefitted from recommissioning with over 60 hours labour and £8,700 spent on costs. It has been in secure dry and heated storage for most of its life, hence the incredibly low millage of just 41,001 and the correspondin

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • 132 - 1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II


    When the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow was released to the public in October 1965, the development departments were showing the result of work carried out over a period of some ten years. The new models were technically striking in three ways. A monocoque chassis was used; all wheels were sprung independently and four wheel disc brakes now ensured stopping power of the sort that had come to be expected in a modern car. Under the bonnet, the V8 engine that had been introduced in the Silver Cloud series was employed. In February 1977, the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II was introduced. The most notable changes mechanically were to the rack and pinion steering and modifications to the front suspension which improved handling markedly. This Silver Shadow II is finished in Brewster Green with a beautifully refurbished beige leather interior. Importantly, with this outstanding example, is a fully stamped service booklet up to 55,000 miles; it also comes with some further bills substantiating the mileage. First registered on 12th December 1979 and supplied with a number of extras such as four headrests and both external mirrors, this example has clearly been cherished. In recent years, a top of

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage 4.3 Coupe Manual


    Aston Martin V8 Vantage 4.3 Coupe Manual for sale – NEW PRICE REDUCTION Obsidian Hide with Contrast Silver Stitching Dark Hex Aluminium Trim Carbon Fibre Kick Strips Electric Heated Orthopaedic Seats Power Fold Mirrors Heated Front And Rear Screens Radio CD Navigation Nokia Bluetooth Rear Parking Distance Control 19″ Anthracite Alloy Wheels Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser Full Aston Martin Service History + 3 Specialists Recent discs & pads all round New tyres all round

    • Year: 2006
    • Mileage: 29500 mi
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Coupe UNDER OFFER

    £69,950 £69,950

    £69,950 YEAR: 2012 DRIVE SIDE: Right MILEAGE: 12295 TRANSMISSION: 7-Speed Sportshift II ASM POWER: 430 bhp ENGINE SIZE: 4.7l V8 EXTERIOR COLOUR: Tungsten Silver ACCELERATION: 4.3s (0-60 mph) MAX SPEED: 190 mph Standard Features •Alarm and immobiliser •Automatic headlights •Automatic wipers •Auxilliary audio input including integrated Apple iPod® connector •Bluetooth® telephone preparation •Carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser •Cruise control •Dual stage driver and passenger front airbags •Dynamic stability control (DSC) with Track Mode •Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) •Emergency brake assist (EBA) •Full-grain leather interior •Heated rear screen •HID projector headlamps (dipped beam) •LED rear lamps •Powerfold exterior heated mirrors •Rear parking sensors •Remote-control central door locking and boot release • Satellite navigation system • Traction Control (TC) • Trip computer • Tyre pressure monitoring system • Ventilated, grooved floating disc brakes with ABS Optional Extras Accessories You can add a personal touch to your new Aston Martin sports car with our range of stylish, beautifully crafted accessories. View Catalogue

    • Year: 2012
    • Mileage: 12295 mi
    For sale

    $247,500(£198,767.25) $247,500(£198,767.25)

    --Litchfield Black metallic with Black leather interior, Black Wilton Wool carpets and Black Everflex convertible top, 35,000 miles, Automatic transmission, Dual Escort radar detectors, Uprated stereo and speaker system with CD, European chrome bumpers. This V8 Volante has enjoyed proper Aston ownership from new having always been owned and cared for by Aston collectors throughout its year and do date. Complete at the Newport Pagnell works in December of 1984, this V8 Volante was sold new as a 1985 model year to its first registered owned by Greenwich Connecticut based Aston Martin dealer Miller Motorcars. It was serviced by Miller Motorcars as evidenced by is records and history file through 2004 and when traded to Autosport Designs, Inc, toward another automobile in our inventory. This V8 Volante was sold almost immediately to another Aston Martin enthusiast collector and member of the AMOC in Virginia. Prior to delivered, it was fitted with a European stainless steel V8 Vantage exhaust system and received a major service to be ready for immediate use. While in this ownership, it was enjoyed for seasonal use and was well known at AMOC events, classic car circles and prominently d

    • Year: 2004
    • Mileage: 35000 mi
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Series III

    £89,950 £89,950

    Chassis Number: V8/11919/RCAS Engine Number: V/540/1919/S UK Registration Number: XJP 422 S Date of first reg: 7th July 1978 Exterior colour: Red Hood: Interior colour: Beige Leather Current Odometer reading: 30,428 Mileage Warranty: Steering: Right Transmission: Automatic Options: Auxiliary Driving Lights Background Background: Announced in April 1972, the AM V8 is an extensively modified version of the DBS V8 which was announced in September 1969. Externally, the grill was entirely new, no longer sweeping across the complete front but now tailored between the head lamps reminiscent of the earlier six cylinder models such as the DB3S. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made it’s first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The AM V8 series III was introduced in London, August 1973. The important mechanical difference was the replacement of the Bosch fuel injection system by four twin-choke down draught Weber carburettors, which produced a notably smother performance at low engine speeds with greater flexibility. To accommodate the carburettors, the bonnet

    For sale
  • Aston Martin 2008 V8 Vantage. 4.7. 2009 Model

    £48,950 £48,950

    A very stunning 4.7 V8 Vantage Manual. Finished in Lightning Silver with Chancellor Red Hide Interior. Just 14,000 Miles with full and Comprehensive Aston Martin Service History. (9 Services in total). The all important 2009 Model with the upgraded 4.7 litre V8, new dash, glass key, upgraded seats etc. In Superior Condition !

    • Year: 2008
    • Mileage: 14800 mi
    For sale

    $79,500(£63,846.45) $79,500(£63,846.45)

    --Titanium Silver with Phantom Grey leather Interior with Contrasting Silver Stitching, Phantom Grey carpeting, 6-Speed manual transmission, 7,000 miles from new. Factory options include: Contrasting Silver Stitching for Leather, Carpet Stitching Silver, Black Brake Calipers, Cruise Control, Sports Pack, Carbon Interior Trim Pack, Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack, Black Vaned Front Grille. Black Meshes, Black Textured Tailpipe Finisher, Carbon Fiber Splitter & Diffuser, Sport Suspension, Sport Seats, Seatbelts - Warm Charcoal, Indented Leather Seat Inserts, Heated Front Seats, Memory Seats And Mirrors, Powerfold Mirror Assembly, Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth, Guidebook Language USA, Aston Martin Premium Audio, Glass Switches, Umbrella & Holder, Rear Vantage Badge Delete, and 19inch 10 Spoke Graphite DT Wheels. The power output is from a 4.7 liter all alloy dry sump V8 engine producing 420 bhp @ 7,300 rpm and 346 lb. ft. of torque @ 5,000 rpm. Performance is 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds with a top speed of over 175 mph. Enthusiast owned and cared for, this heavily optioned V8 Vantage Coupe had an original MSRP of $154,877.50. It is excellent in every way, providing a huge amount of Aston Mar

    • Year: 2013
    • Mileage: 7000 mi
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Volante Series II Fuel Injection

    £199,950 £199,950

    Chassis Number: SCFCV81C6HTR15520 Engine Number: V/585/5520 UK Registration Number: D 282 FYL Date of first reg: 12th May 1987 Exterior colour: Champagne Hood: Beige Everflex Interior colour: Beige leather piped Parchment Current Odometer reading: 30,620 Mileage Warranty: Steering: Right Transmission: Automatic Options: Head Rests with Pads, Nardi Steering Wheel, Convertible Wind Deflector, Auxiliary driving lamps, Front fog lamps, Becker Cascade with iPod connection Bluetooth and Satellite Navigation,Parking sensors. Background Background Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars. Ably demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made its f

    For sale
  • 1974 Aston Martin AM V8

    $89,500(£71,877.45) $89,500(£71,877.45)

    1974 Aston Martin AM V8 1974 Aston Martin AM V8 Left Hand Drive with matching numbers in red with black interior. Comes equipped with a very desirable 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioner, power windows, power steering, solid wheels and includes the spare tire. Rare find. Highly collectible. For $89,500 If you have any additional questions Please call 310-975-0272 or email with any questions! We also welcome all international buyers. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements.

    • Year: 1974
    For sale

    $325,000(£261,007.50) $325,000(£261,007.50)

    --Cannock Black with Black leather interior and Black Everflex convertible top, 31,000 miles from new, fuel injected, 5-speed manual transmission, Engine rebuilt/uprated to 6.3 liter/450+ HP specifications. This V8 Vantage Volante is well-known to Autosport Designs, Inc. having been serviced/maintained, owned and sold by us in the past. This V8 Vantage Volante has enjoyed collector ownership and has been serviced when and where needed throughout the years to ensure its always been in superb condition. In 2010, this V8 Vantage Volante was converted to European chrome bumper specification by Autosport Designs, Inc. and sold to a well-known Swiss collector-collection and exported from the United States. It has remained in this ownership until being purchased by another Swiss collector. Just recently, this V8 Vantage Volante was traded to Autosport Designs, Inc. towards another Aston Martin. We had a well-known UK Aston specialist rebuilt the engine to 6.3 liter Big Bore specifications. The engine appearance will looks exactly the same as all other factory Weber Marelli fuel injected V8 Vantage Volantes, but the power has increased from standard 310 HP to over 450 HP with an equal amou

    • Year: 1989
    • Mileage: 31000 mi
    For sale

    $325,000(£261,007.50) $325,000(£261,007.50)

    --Raven Black with Burgundy leather interior and Red Wilton Wool carpeting, LHD, Original 5-speed manual, 99,000 Kilometers-61,000 Miles from new, Matching numbers, Rare Factory Sunroof. This V8 Vantage “Oscar India” (“OI” was internal code for the new model referring to “October Introduction”) is one of the 172 genuine 400-horsepower V8 Vantage models produced between 1978 and 1985 and one of the first dozen built in 1979. The first owner was a doctor in Halesowen, UK. In 1987, this Vantage was sold to a gentleman in France, Viscont de Farcy and converted from RHD to LHD by a well-known Aston marque specialist. It was later sold to Count Audion de Dampierre, a well known manufacturer of champagne as well a previous chairman of the French AMOC. The Count de Dampierre covered over 30,000 miles in this V8 vantage before selling in late 1998 to its next custodian, Mr. Abegg, also a French resident. It was sold once again in 2001 to a Swiss Aston enthusiast who used it approximately 12,000 km’s and over the next 12 years. In 2012, the Vantage was consigned it to Mr. C. Tedeschi, owner of Auto Klassiker, the Swiss classic car company with whom the Vantage had been maintained since 2001.

    • Year: 1979
    • Mileage: 61000 mi
    For sale
  • 297 - 2009 Ferrari Scuderia 16M


    Ferrari said, upon release, that the Scuderia Spider 16M is the highest performance Spider that it had ever made. Like the fixedhead F430 Scuderia, this car also incorporates what Ferrari calls 'F1-derived' technology. With a limited edition 499-unit production run, the '16M moniker' refers to Ferrari's 16 F1 Constructors World Championships- the latest of which was achieved in 2008. Although the 16M is derived from its enclosed predecessor, Ferrari had taken the Scuderia concept even further. Despite the additional body strengthening, the 16M is 80kg lighter, tipping the scales at an admirable 1340kg. Much of this has been achieved by a major overhaul of the double-wishbone suspension as well as new dampers and a new steering box, even gaining titanium springs and wheel bolts, a measure of the 16M's extreme engineering brief. Powered by the same 503bhp version of Ferrari's 4.3 litre, V8 found in the coupé, the 16M had undergone an extra tweak in the form of redesigned pistons which also allow for a higher compression ratio offering 80% of the engine's torque on tap from 3,000rpm. The engine drives the F1-SuperFast2 six-speed transmission, which can execute shifts in a claimed 60 m

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • 203 - 1979 Lancia Beta 2000 Berlina


    Continuing a tradition established by founder Vincenzo Lancia of naming his early vehicles after letters from the Greek alphabet, the 'Beta' was launched in 1972 to symbolise a new beginning for the car maker under new ownership by Fiat. The Berlina had fastback styling although the boot was of traditional operation and not hatchback. From a technological and design perspective the engineering was pure Lancia detailed, well engineered finesse. The motoring press praised Lancia's new car, which was very advanced for its time, for its zesty performance and excellent road-handling characteristics. All in all the Lancia Beta was seen as a very charismatic drivers car and it went on, in all guises, coupé, spider, HPE and Montecarlo to become the best selling model ever launched by Lancia, up until that time. A high performance two litre twin-cam model (+20% torque) was introduced in 1975 and automatic was optioned from 1978. Supplied new on 27th June 1979 by Colebrooks Ltd. on the Island of Jersey, this top of the range two-litre Berlina was specified with automatic gearbox, metallic silver paintwork, stereo and blue cloth. Mr. Stevens took the car from Jersey to Isle of Mann in 1980 wh

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe 4.7 Litre |

    £58,450 £58,450

    Specification MAKE Aston Martin MODEL V8 Vantage Coupe 4.7 Litre COLOUR Tungsten Silver with Obsidian Black Leather YEAR 2013/62 MILEAGE 28600 DESCRIPTION We are delighted to be able to offer for sale this exceptional Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Finished in Tungsten Silver with Black Hide. Supplied with our 12 month warranty. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Anti Locking Brakes, Driver and Passenger Airbags, Electric Windows, Garmin Satellite Navigation System, Electrically Adjustable Seats, i-Pod Connectivity, CD Player, Rear Parking Sensors, Remote Central Locking with Alarm/Immobiliser, Xenon Headlights, Auto Dimming Interior Mirror, Multi Function Leather Steering Wheel, Adjustable Steering Column, Tyre Pressure Monitor, Electronic Stability Programme, Clear Rear Lamps. OPTIONAL EXTRAS Bluetooth Telephone Connectivity, Black Brake Calipers, Cruise Control, Piano Black Facia, Front Parking Sensors, 19" V Spoke Silver Diamond Turned Alloys, Heated Front Seats, Aston Tracking System. TRANSMISSION 6 Speed Manual ENGINE CAPACITY 4735 STANDARD POWER (BHP) 420 EMISSIONS (CO 2 ) 321 PRICE £58,450 Interested in vehicle × INTERESTED IN VEHICLE Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe 4.7 Litre Submit Close Form Pri

    • Mileage: 58450 mi
    For sale


    Stratton Motor Company are pleased to offer this 1975 Aston Martin V8 Saloon, Finished in Celeste Blue with Blue Leather/Hide Interior, Automatic Transmission, Carburettor Car, one of only 967 examples, Centre glove box, Very original and exceptional car, Recorded mileage 66,109 For further details please contact Roger Bennington on 07836 215560 or Jonathan Potts on 01508 530491.

    • Year: 1975
    • Mileage: 66109 mi
    For sale


    Stratton Motor Company are pleased to offer this 1981 Aston Martin V8 Saloon, Finished in Metallic Windsor Red with Magnolia Hide Interior with Burgundy piping, Upgraded to Vantage Specification including Vantage wheel arches, spoilers and grill, Manual Transmission, Uprated engine fitted with Cosworth pistons, balance crank, big bore exhaust, Tickford heads, Tickford high lift camshafts and electronic ignition system, Twin headrests, Vantage driving lights, Twin mirrors, Over mats, Photographic record of restoration and engine upgrade, Exceptional condition for year, Recorded mileage 32521 For further details please contact Roger Bennington on 07836 215560 or Jonathan Potts on 01508 530491

    • Year: 1981
    • Mileage: 32521 mi
    For sale


    MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW Stratton Motor Company are pleased to offer this Aston Martin V8 Volante LHD Finished in Dark Blue with Tan interior piped in Dark Blue with Blue carpets and Blue Leather dash roll, Dark Mohair hood, First registered in the UK January 2016, originally supplied to the USA in 19851 Bodywork to European specification, Car has undergone a fairly extensive restoration including new interior, new Mohair hood, bare metal repaint and chassis work, Automatic transmission Recorded mileage 48862 For further details please contact Roger Bennington on 07836 215560 or Jonathan Potts on 01508 530491.

    • Mileage: 48862 mi
    For sale


    Stratton Motor Company are pleased to offer this 1990 Aston Martin V8 Lagonda. Finished in Buckingham Green with Tan leather interior, green piping, green carpets and dash roll, Rear air conditioning, Subject to a recent full bare metal repaint and mechanical overhaul by ourselves, Mileage recorded on speedometer 6800 For further details please contact Roger Bennington on 07836 215560 or Jonathan Potts on 01508 530491.

    • Year: 1990
    • Mileage: 68000 mi
    For sale

    $219,500(£176,280.45) $219,500(£176,280.45)

    --Blenheim Silver with Dark Blue leather interior and Dark Blue Wilton Wool carpeting, 50,000 miles from new, 5-speed manual transmission, full specification Vantage engine. This V8, #V8/SOR/12191 was originally sold through UK dealer Robin Hamilton. In the early 1980’s, it was converted from RHD to LHD and full Vantage specifications for a New York physician, Dr. Paul Damus by UK specialist RSW Ltd. in the UK. It was imported to the USA in the mid-1980’s. Purchased in 1996 with 26,000 miles by Autosport Designs, Inc. it was subsequently sold to one of our clients Mr. J. Stuart in the same year. In 1997 it was converted from Automatic transmission to factory 5-speed ZF manual transmission while still owned by Mr. Stuart. In July 1998 with 36,000 miles this Vantage was purchased by Autosport Designs, Inc., serviced and subsequently sold in October 1998 to a well-known Canadian Aston collector as a gift for his wife. In August 2001 and with 41,000 miles, this Vantage was sent to Autosport Designs for a complete make over. It received an engine rebuild, suspension rebuild with the addition of a Harvey Bailey handling kit, late style hubs were added to fit late style BBS 15x7’ wheels,

    • Year: 1980
    • Mileage: 50000 mi
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Coupe 1974

    €119,000(£100,816.80) €119,000(£100,816.80)

    Aston Martin V8 1974 in very good condition 1974 Aston Martin V8. There were only 967 V8 with Weber carburators built between 1973 and 1978. Recognizable by the 2 headlights, black grille and high air inlet at the hood. Paint in colour dark blue and grey leather interior. The car has the original 5340 CC, V8 engine with 310 HP and automatic gearbox. This combination makes the car drive great. The original manual and a lot of invoices are present. So a very beautiful and excellent driving Aston Martin V8 and a good investment also. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1974
    For sale
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2006 coupe


    SOLD / VERKAUFT / VENDU / VERKOCHT Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2006 coupe, 62.000 original km, in very good condition This magnificent Aston Martin V8 Vantage was delivered in 2006. The car has the original Meteorite Silver paint and original aluminium wheels. The interior of this Aston has very luxurious burgundy red leather with white stitching, a really beautiful combination. The car has all possible options. This Aston has the original 4280CC, V8, 380 HP engine and 6 speed manual gearbox. This Aston Martin is a fantastic sportscar with a great appearance. Car has Italian title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 2006
    For sale
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