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One-off Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster unveiled at Goodwood

One-off Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster unveiled at Goodwood Classic and Performance Car

A convertible version of the Aston Martin GT12 has been built by the company’s Q division, and has been unveiled at the 2016 Goodwood FoS.

Aston Martin has unveiled a one-off convertible version of the Vantage GT12 – creating what it says is the most extreme roadster ever produced by the company. In effect, this one-off combines the spectacular 5.9-litre naturally aspirated V12, aerodynamic modifications and suspension tweaks of the GT12, with the thrill of open top motoring. 
Commissioned by a private customer, the conversion and re-engineering work was undertaken by Aston Martin’s Q division, which undertakes special customisation and unique spec options for customers.
Mechanically speaking, the bespoke roadster shares all of its features with the coupe GT12 – a track-focused V12 Vantage model, designed to appeal track day enthusiasts. The modifications are extensive, inspired by Aston Martin’s GT3-spec racing cars.
The 5.9-litre V12 has been significantly tuned over the standard unit in the Vantage S – boosting power from 565bhp to 592bhp – making use of a cast magnesium inlet manifold and lightweight titanium exhaust. 
The GT12 Roadster also shares the same seven-speed Speedshift III automatic gearbox as the coupe. With a lower final drive, limiting to top speed to around 185mph, the GT12 Roadster can manage 0-62mph in around 3.7secs – two-tenths slower than the coupe.
Externally the Roadster has retained the coupe’s carbon-fibre front wings, bonnet, front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as many other detail parts. As you might expect from Q, the Roadster also features bespoke paint and trim options.
While the Q division is still in its relative infancy, being founded in 2012, it recently incorporated Aston Martin Advanced operations which has allowed Q to undertake much more involved projects, such as this. 
David King, Vice President and Chief Special Operations Officer, says of the Vantage GT12 Roadster: ‘Aston Martin has a growing reputation of building ambitious commissions for customers, perhaps the best example being the spectacular CC100 Speedster Concept. We have also become world leaders in ultra-low volume projects with cars such as the One-77, Lagonda Taraf and Aston Martin Vulcan, while the Vantage GT12 and Vantage GT8 show how far we can take our series production models.
‘The GT12 Roadster is the first project to combine all of those skill sets in one magnificent car. In just nine-months we took a customer’s dream and realised it, with a fully-formed, exactingly engineered and fully road-legal one-off. That is the essence of the Q by Aston Martin service’

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