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Goodwood Festival of Speed Quiz – Seven of our favourite details

Goodwood Festival of Speed Quiz – Seven of our favourite details Classic and Performance Car

Here is a selection of our favourite details from the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Can you work out which cars they belong to?

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is undoubtedly one of the motoring highlights of the year, and for 2017 there was a huge amount to keep petrolheads entertained. The central sculpture was built in tribute to Bernie Ecclestone, and his impressive career. 
Representing the five stages of Bernie’s life in motorsport, the sculpture featured aspects from his time as a driver, team manager and ‘Legend’. Ecclestone was largely responsible for turning Formula 1 into the hugely commercial business that it is today. 
This year’s theme was 'Peaks of Performance - Motorsport's Game-changers', which brought with it some of history's most influential and impressive machinery – from the likes of Group B monsters to Ground effect Formula 1 cars.
As always, there was also a huge showing of modern performance cars from the manufacturers, with one of the main highlights being the unveil of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS as well as public showing of the Jaguar XE Project 8. 
The new Alpine A110 sports car was seen driving up the hill, just like the V8-powered Aston Martin DB11. There are perhaps very few, if any better places to get up close and personal with some of the finest machinery on the planet, and we were busy photographing some of our favourite details. 
Can you match up the picture to the correct name? Don’t forget to up your scores in the comments, and share via Facebook or Twitter to see how your friends compare! 

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