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James Bond ‘astro-spiral’ stunt car up for auction

James Bond ‘astro-spiral’ stunt car up for auction Classic and Performance Car

Used in the The Man With the Golden Gun, this specially built stunt car performed one of the most complicated on-screen stunts ever undertaken

It’s not often that genuine James Bond cars come up for sale, let alone one that was used for stunt work. Auctions America is offering the AMC Hornet X that was used for the famous astro-spiral stunt in The Man With the Golden Gun at its Auburn Fall auction, with an estimate of $250,000-$350,000.
The 1974 AMC Hornet X was used during the main car chase in The Man With the Golden Gun – Roger Moore's second outing as 007 – and was a little different to the Aston Martins that we usually associate with Bond Cars. It was to undertake one of the most daring movie stunts ever.
With the remains of a collapsed bridge the only chance of catching the main villain of the film, the AMC would perform a corkscrew flip – a stunt conceived by racing and stunt driver Jay Milligan – before landing an continuing its chase. 

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Although performed by Milligan publically in 1972 at Houston’s Astrodome, it required some serious planning to work on set in Thailand. While the use of CGI graphics in films was still some way off, genuinely groundbreaking computer modelling work of the Calspan Corporation and engineer Raymond R. McHenry helped to make the stunt a success in just one take. 

Stunt driver Loren ‘Bumps’ Willard hit the ramp at 40mph – as simulated – and the AMC landed perfectly. This was far from a standard Hornet though. Fitted with a full roll cage, uprated suspension and a central driving position it’s perfectly balanced to improve the car’s predictability while in the air. 
The Auctions America sale features a huge selection of other interesting American cars, as well as an interesting charity lot – a private tour of Jay Leno’s huge Garage.
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