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Alvis TA21 cars for sale

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Alvis TA21
63950 63950 GBP
  • Alvis TA21 Drop Head Coupé '53

    €63,950(£56,250.42) €63,950(£56,250.42)

    Lowered price from €67.500 -> €63.950 The origin of the name Alvis has been the subject of a great deal of speculation over the years. Some have suggested "aluminium and vis ("strength" in Latin), or perhaps it may have been derived from the Norse mythological weaponsmith, Alviss. De Freville, founder of Alvis, rejected however vigorously all of these theories. In 1921, he specifically stated that the name had no meaning whatsoever, but was chosen simply because it could be easily pronounced in any language. He reaffirmed this position in the early 1960s, stating that any other explanations for the source of the name were purely coincidental. The first car model using a de Freville's engine was the Alvis 10/30. It was an instant success and established the reputation for quality workmanship and superior performance for which the company was to become famous. In 1936 the company name was shortened to Alvis Ltd , and aircraft engine and armoured vehicle divisions were added to the company by the beginning of World War II. Smith-Clarke designed several models during the 1930s and 1940s, including the six-cylinder speed 20, the Speed 25, and the Alvis 4.3 Litre model. Car production wa

    • Year: 1953
    For sale
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