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Alfa Romeo Giulietta cars for sale

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta
15790 79500 GBP
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta

    £21,995 £21,995

    Variant: 2.0 JTDm-2 Hatchback 5dr (start/stop)

    • Mileage: 10 mi
    For sale
    Thames Motor Group-Tunbridge Wells
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  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1957


    SOLD / VERKAUFT / VENDU / VERKOCHT Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1957 restored in magnificent condition This really marvellous Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider was delivered in 1957 in colour Powder Blue. The Spider was designed by masterdesigner Bertone and is in magnificent condition. The Alfa is fully body-off restored. The interior is also completely new and provided with black leather with blue piping. The beautiful dashboard has the original 3 clocks and the original steering wheel. Technics are revised too. The car has the revised 1290 CC engine. This Alfa Romeo is beautiful and drives great. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1957
    For sale
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta

    €24,900(£22,800.93) €24,900(£22,800.93)

    The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti is the expression of the family car, sporty. Strongly wanted by Giuseppe Luraghi, then President of Alfa Romeo, Ti was also successfully used in races and races of climb and duration. The "TI" version, the abbreviation for "International Tourism", identified the model equipped with the most powerful Sprint engine, the coupe that Mille Miglia of '56 had humiliated the fearsome Porsche 356. In essence, Juliet TI was 'Object of the desire of much of the Italian population. The chassis # 08956 chassis was produced in September 1958 in its original yellow color (104) with its distinctive "pied-de-poule" interior, which is attributed to stylist Jole Veneziani. It was sold by the Concessionaria di Firenze, Rampants, to Mr. Ferdinando Fabbbri, a gentleman driver class 1897, born in Marseille (France), who at 61 years was attracted to the new model Ti with his 65 hp. It was registered on 11 November 1958 and paid 1,525,000 lire. The car holds original plates and documents and is a matching number. In 1991, only a part of bodywork was restored, retaining its original configuration. In 2007, Asi license plate was certified and in 2016 the seats were re-fitted and new rubber carpets fitted. The mechanics have always been kept in a conservative manner with proper maintenance. Pleasing to ride, the TI 1 ^ series is a piece that can not be missed in collecting the attentive collector Alfa Romeo.

    • Year: 1958
    • Mileage: 50000 mi
    • Engine size: 1.3
    For sale
    Carlo Carugati
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  • 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

    $79,500(£61,644.30) $79,500(£61,644.30)

    1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint s/n 149321131 engine no. AR00536*01239* Red with Black Interior and Red Accents The Giulietta is the car that took Alfa Romeo from being a relatively small production company to being an economically viable and successful firm. Prior to that, they had produced large and expensive cars, and never in very large numbers. With the Giulietta, however, Alfa Romeo produced significant numbers of these charming and capable cars. Its success was due in part to its unique placement in the market. It was neither a large hugely expensive car, nor was it very small utility car (such as the Fiat 500). Instead, the Giulietta was affordable enough so that many could buy it, yet permitted a more glamorous and useful approach to motoring that really struck a chord with buyers on both sides of the Atlantic. This car is a nicely upgraded and restored example that has a 1700cc engine kit converted to dual 40mm Weber carburetors, hotter camshafts, and a 5-speed transmission. The car also has front disc brakes, and lowered suspension with adjustable Koni shock absorbers. It has been properly cared for and maintained, and has been in the hands of enthusiastic California ow

    • Year: 1961
    • Mileage: 68105 mi
    For sale
  • 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina

    $44,500(£34,505.30) $44,500(£34,505.30)

    By now, we’ve probably all heard the famous quip that tells us “every car enthusiast should own at least one Alfa Romeo”, and most likely, our minds wander to thoughts of the exotic pre-war 8C, or maybe the rough-and-ready Giulia GTAm or the iconic, open-topped Duetto and Graduate spyders. But particularly in the post-war period, Alfa Romeo made their bread and butter by selling mass-produced berlinas (that’s a much more pleasing way to say “sedan”) built on a unibody platform and powered by the family of twin-cam engines. Prior to WWII, Alfa was building high-end sporting cars and competition cars, often with coachbuilt bodies and complex supercharged engines. In the post-war recovery period, the old designs were dusted off and polished up with new bodies, but the 6C2500 was a very expensive car to build and few buyers were able to afford such an exclusive automobile. Alfa Romeo needed a car they could produce in much larger numbers, and they achieved that with the unitary-construction 1900. While certainly a much more efficient car to produce, the 1900 was still comfortably a mid-market car, available in a variety of expensive coachbuilt variations, and what Alfa Romeo needed was more volume. The 1900 paved the way for Alfa to move further into the volume market with a four-cylinder coupe and sedan. This came in the form of the Giulietta; a 1300-cc class family car that was cheap to build yet still retained Alfa’s sporting character thanks to its twin-cam engine and well-tuned suspension.  Designed from the onset to be a flexible platform, the Giulietta debuted as the beautiful Bertone-designed coupe, which was soon joined by spyder, berlina, estate and eventually coachbuilt specials such as the Sprint Speciale and Sprint Zagato. This inherent sportiness, combined with four-door practicality helped the Berlina model become the sales leader of the line. Of the 177,600 Giuliettas built, over 130,000 were Berlinas or the hotter four-door T.I. The Giulietta proved that practicality did not have to come at the expense of driving pleasure. This 1963 Giulietta Berlina T.I. is a fabulous little gem that is very well-sorted and ready for fun. Starting life as a proper T.I. floor shift car, it was built as an historic rally car by the previous owner back in 2001. After achieving some admirable results in several events over the past several years, it has since traded the rigors of rallying for fast-road duty. In the early 2000’s the shell was restored, strengthened and the car prepped for rally duty with upgraded fuel tank, a rebuilt engine, 5-speed gearbox, and many other trick parts – yet it manages to retain a period correct look and feel. The body was repainted in correct Alfa Sky Blue in 2003 and much of the chrome was restored at the same time. The paint remains in excellent condition, as does the delicate brightwork. Panel fit is similarly well executed, and the whole car possesses a high quality, well-constructed feel. At just 1290cc, the jewel-like Alfa twin-cam punches well above its weight. This engine was built by marque expert Jim Evans to be tough and reliable but still deliver good grunt. As part of the rebuild, the block was fitted with new liners along with Sprint Veloce high-compression pistons. The head was ported and polished with a 45 degree valve job done and custom Jim Evans cams fitted. Before going back on the block, the head was skimmed to give a further boost in compression to 10.3:1. It breathes through a single downdraught Weber carburetor and is fitted with a tubular exhaust header to give a great sound. The engine presents beautifully in the engine bay, with period correct detailing that barely even hints at the hotted up internals. The addition of a five-speed gearbox lends additional flexibility to these famously revvy engines and allows for more relaxed high-speed runs. This car is an absolute delight. The chassis has been suitably uprated to match the increased power, and again, extremely high quality components were incorporated into the build. Adjustable AVO shock absorbers, uprated springs and sway bars and reinforced trailing arm brackets keep things under control. Brakes are the original yet highly effective finned drums, but are supplanted with high-performance liners and Aeroquip lines for better fade resistance and pedal feel. Again, all of the modifications are subtle and the car has a purposeful and sporty stance without appearing heavily altered, especially riding on the fabulous D-slot steel wheels that fill the arches just so. The understated and tidy cabin looks great, maintaining the original simplistic feel with black leather seats and door cards, excellent black carpeting and clean, restored original instrumentation. It all appears fairly standard down to the original style steering wheel and switchgear. Alfa Romeos of all types are not the meant for static collections. Whether it is an 8C 2900 or a humble Giulietta Berlina, an Alfa is a car meant to provide joy to the driver. Thanks to the careful but comprehensive modifications that have been done to this wonderful example, the driving experience has been enhanced exponentially. While it was built for the rigors of historic rallying, it presents in remarkably good condition and does not appear abused, and it is far from being a tired old race car. As a testament to the quality of the build, it remains tight and well sorted, very attractive, and above all, fabulous fun to drive.

    For sale
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